View Full Version : [ubuntu] LVM + Gdisk

September 30th, 2012, 05:28 AM
Okay, I know how to do a LVM installation but I'm wondering if Ubuntu's installer supports Gdisk as I really do not like fdisk/mbr.. I have 24TB over 8 HDDs so MBR is not an option.

I'm coming from a Gentoo background so I'm use to doing everything manually and I'll actually install Ubuntu from scratch as there's many startup notifications/apps I can do without and just rather go with a minimal install at first.

So back to my question, does Ubuntu support gdisk during the install? Debian and Debian testing do not as they were removed, you know the debian guys love everything stable.. I'm a rebel I love everything bleeding edging/new. Yea..ubuntu isn't for that but the packages are added pretty quickly from what I see so not honestly a HUGE deal as there is git for everything else.

So is there a way to do LVM with Gdisk and install Ubuntu manually?