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August 27th, 2012, 06:12 PM
Hi guys,

I was thinking how to install a beautiful but lightweight Ubuntu Gui.
I was thinking what to install, as I browsed through different options like:


And then i thought, maybe you guys would like to help me and being creative together,
So my question is, how would you compile your own ubuntu gui.

There are a few thing I want you to keep in mind:

I use the Ubuntu Server OS (yes I know there is an alternative iso, but i find the server iso more stable).
no use of sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop xubuntu-dekstop lubuntu-desktop etc. Start from scratch.
It can be a Ubuntu Server or Desktop, what ever you like.
tell us (as in every reader) what you did to create your ubuntu.
have fun. That whats really important.
It doesn't matter what you use; a virtual machine or a physical computer.
OPTIONAL: A screenshot of what you did.

Well since I started this post, this is what i did:

I use a x64 Machine

I installed fluxbox with xdm as display manager, and i used xorg.

sudo apt-get install fluxbox xdm xorgThen I installed thunar firefox xtrlock and file-roller to manage my files (and internet).

sudo apt-get install thunar tango-icon-theme lxappearance firefox file-rollerThen I used lxappearance to set the icon theme for thunar.

after that i installed wine and configured it to install Microsoft Office 2007:

sudo apt-get install wine wine1.4 winetricks winbind wine-gecko1.4
rm -rf ~/.wine
export WINEARCH=win32
wineboot --updatedownload msxml3 from http://www.download.com (http://download.cnet.com) and place it in ~/.cache/wine/winetricks/msxml3

winetricks dotnet20 msxml3 gdiplus riched20 riched30 vcrun2005Install Office 2007 using Wine Program Loader.

i configured xtrlock by editing the keys file in fluxbox

nano ~/.fluxbox/keys

Mod1 F12 :ExecCommand sleep 1 ; xtrlock

Because of this, I can use alt f12 to lock my screen.

I downloaded the theme addr-pyramid form http://www.customize.org
I found this picture somewhere on the interwebz:
and use this as wallpaper.

And that's it. I also downloaded virtualbox and this machine is now used for virtualization.

(screenshot will follow).