View Full Version : [ubuntu] External hard drive errors after sleep

July 9th, 2012, 03:48 PM
Hello, yesterday my external hard drive (CnM Core 1.5tb) started behaving oddly - it will be fine one minute, all files accessable and working correctly, then I go away for a bit and when I come back have of the files and folders have disappeared, although the ones that are still visible work fine. Then I 'safely remove' and turn the thing off and on again, plug it back in and it's all fine again. I'm really hoping that it isn't conking out on me, only had it for about 5/6 months. The issue started just after I changed the resolution on Morrowind which I was playing through Wine, the game crashed and won't play anymore, had to hard restart and now whenever the computer (Dell xps L502X, precise) goes to sleep (it does only seem to happen when its sleeping) and I wake it up the external hard drive has gone all screwy. Can anyone please shed any light on this?