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June 20th, 2012, 07:45 AM
First off i hope i am not breaking any rules.

THere was an interesting thread where i though i could share mine and was interested about opinion of others. unfortunatelly i haven't visted for a while and it got closed because it probably spiraled out of control.

anyway i didn't have a chance to reply and also ask for opinion on two topics.

first one is about KDE interface. i mentioned there i would like to see it as default. it is just my personal opinion because i quite like it. this has nothing to do with Unity as i started using it before Unity was announced.

anyway a user Lucradia said:

KDE is not a netbook friendly DE (Unless you specifically make a netbook shell for it, and strip out all the non-netbook features, like the panel). KDE has a horrible native browser (though, GNOME does too. Midori even outshines the two, and it's for XFCE.) By default, KDE's switch workspace keys aren't user-friendly, and would have to be changed to be similar to GNOME's. KDE also takes up more memory / processor power than the other DEs iirc. KDE's movie editors are less user-friendly, and KDE's messenger is horrid in comparison to Pidgin and Empathy.

That said, netbooks are dead with tablets honestly. (My netbook barely runs Fedora + XFCE, much less GNOME. I only keep it in case I need a new router. Since new laptops are starting to go without ethernet too soon. Most routers won't allow you into the admin interface over wireless by default. Macbook Pro's new edition has no ethernet at all (http://arstechnica.com/apple/2012/06/bye-ethernet-port-hello-retina-openforum-talks-new-macbook-pros/).)

I just wanted to point out here that KDE has a netbook interface http://www.kde.org/workspaces/plasmanetbook/

and can use little memorry (KDE low fat package). Another option is Razorqt which uses even less. they also have a tablet interface and are preparing KDE tablet.

And my question to this user is: Are netbooks still bad even with newer CPU? I am askign because i am interested in buying a very portable laptop and ultrabooks are very expencive while normal notebooks are quite heavy. netbooks seem to still be the way to go to answer a few emails and post a new post on the blog while on the go. and if you go to some airports for example in Asia you will see plenty people tapping away on netbooks. why do you believe they are dead? people still seem to use them. are they not worth buying? what would be the alternative then?

and second thing is about rolling releases
Paqman said in response to my desire to have programmes updated when they become stable...
stable software (e.g new stable thunderbird) would be pushed (updated) into release as it comes.
That would be a rolling release. There are rolling release distros, but Ubuntu isn't one of them. There have been some changes lately that have relaxed this a little, and you will now get updates for your kernel and browser for example.

my question here is ... aren't rolling releases also updating the kernel and other things? this is exaclty what i do not want. because for example current kernel might work well on maschine but new kernel, drivers and such might break something. i was refering only to software such as office, browsers, media players etc. to be upgraded when they are stable in for example LTS. just like in windows. while kernel stayes the same and is being pathced with security patches only. for example i am still on XP yet my programmes there (firefox, thunderbird, office, sigil, calibre ...) get automaticly updated.

i understand you can do this using PPA but i believe it should be done differently and be included as option. hmm perhaps i should post in ideas section on launchpad. :D

June 20th, 2012, 08:02 AM
If you're going to begin a topic with the words 'a reply', that's probably a sign you should just reply to the post.

June 20th, 2012, 10:40 AM
If you're going to begin a topic with the words 'a reply', that's probably a sign you should just reply to the post.

It's hard to post a reply in a closed thread when you're not an admin ;)