View Full Version : [all variants] linux equivalen to pegatron hotkey driver

June 14th, 2012, 07:03 PM
Hi everyone,

In windows, the hotkey driver supplied by Pegatron corporation enables all of the Fn keys on my laptop. In linux only the Fn-F1 to Fn-F7 and Fn in combination with the arrow keys will work. Multimedia keys at the top of the keyboard (non-Fn keys) do the volume up, down and mute stuff.
I tried acpi4asus, but that doesn't work on my laptop. Fn-F8 to Fn-F12 did not resut in any keycodes.

Does any of you have any other suggestions that I might try? Is there a linux equivalent/alternative to the Pegatron driver (no technical details found on the web about its workings)
Is there a kernel driver or program that I should install and load to fully enable the keyboard?