View Full Version : [ubuntu] Lenovo Ideapad u460 brightness flickers

May 30th, 2012, 05:46 AM
I have recently upgraded Lenovo Idea u460 to 12.04.. I had issues with brightness since 10.10. Often my screen would randomly start flashing showing my brightness bar going up and down. I had solved that issue in 10.10 by disabling gnome-power-manager from starting and running (I did not have the battery icon indicating battery level).
After the 12.04 upgrade the issue is back. The gnome-power-manager is not running, but upowerd was so I turned it off, however afterwards the flashing would come back once in a while. The one thing I noticed is that the battery icon is still there which leads me to believe that something else running that I'd like to turn off so that it wont mess with my brightness.
Does anyone know how to fix my flashing brightness issue or what else is running (battery/power daemon)?