View Full Version : CPU speed levels and turbo core

March 30th, 2012, 07:30 AM
i was watching my conky specs and a saw that my apu cores always are at the same speed
eg if core 1 is at 1ghz the other 2 are as well same if they are at 800Mhz or 2.1Ghz on top of this i don't seems to have turbo core witch is probably impossible as long as the speeds are always the same on each core but this in 11.10 anyone noticed this on 12.04? (i have not been able to find my flash drive to test it with, lol)
my core speeds function independently on my phenom II quad core with lucid

finally found it
neither of those issues are fixed in 12.04 yet

April 14th, 2012, 11:46 PM
while using the mate desktop i got my cpu frequency applets running the cores are now running at independent speeds
anyone know if turbo cores works yet on APUs?