View Full Version : Live CD unmute sound by key press. How?

March 24th, 2012, 09:04 PM
I am testing the latest 12.04 pre-beta 2 ISO. I am trying to run the Desktop Accessibility tests which require that you cover up the screen and at some point press Ctrl-S to activate Orca the screen reader and then carry on from there.

The problem is that sound is muted on the live CD at the TRY Ubuntu - INSTALL screen. So, even if I press Ctrl+S when the DVD drive stops chugging and Orca activates it does not *speak* because the sound is muted.

Now, I can unmute the sound with the mouse. And then the screen reader does its stuff but it is poor accessibility if a sighted person has to do this for a visually impaired person. The whole point of accessibility is that it should be possible to try and to install Ubuntu without the aid of a sighted person. This is what is being tested.

It should be possible to unmute the sound by pressing a function key or sound should not be muted as default.

Anyone know of a key to unmute sound?

Alt+F10 does not seem to work as it does in Unity.