View Full Version : [ubuntu] Webcam on skype problem, any suggestions welcome

March 16th, 2012, 03:01 PM

I have just installed skype, and made a call. I can see the other person on the other line, (video), but they can not see me. I have ran the video test, and the blue webcam light comes on, and I can see myself perfectly in the little 'test' box, so I know the webcam works. I also installed a program called 'cheese webcam booth', and the webcam works fine there too. But I don't know why another person on the other end of a skype call cannot see me. The device is registered as: CNF7051 (/dev/video0)

'Anyone have any suggestions ?

Thanks - Mark

March 16th, 2012, 03:15 PM
Make sure the settings in the Video devices box are set to allow people to see your video.

And select "start video automatically when I am in a call"

If you cannot get the settings to work properly here is a workaround:

open cheese

get your webcam image in Cheese, wherever you want it on the screen.

then when you are in a skype call, right click on the persons skype window which is displayed in your screen and select "share your screen" and "share selection" then resize the selection to exactly the same size as the window in cheese and you will be visible to the other person just as though you were using the webcam in skype itself.

Hope this makes sense!

I will try to clarify it a bit if you require.