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March 2nd, 2012, 07:07 PM
Hello all!

I've just finished, at long last, to get Ubuntu Studio on my computer, but now new problems have arrived:)

The first one is that there is no sound, haha! I installed Banshee, and it keeps directing me to new packages to install, I wonder if there is a list somewhere of everything I need to play video/music files from the Internet and from a local media player.

Second problem is I am also having difficulty finding out how to install, into Opera, the latest flash player so that I can watch videos. All install versions are meant for Firefox that I can find, and I can't find too much on this that actually helps my case...

Thanks for taking your time! :)

--> Leo

Edit: For a freshly installed Ubuntu setup, it seems that Ubuntu is designed to be using only completely free software by default, so anything outside those bounds must be installed by yourself. First of all, in the case of Ubuntu Studio; check your Pulse Audio Volume Control, haha! Found in Applications > Multimedia > Pulse Autio Volume Control. Once you've made those settings after your liking, and you are fairly certain that things should work as a result, go to the software center (if you do not have it yet, "sudo apt-get install ubuntu software center" or do it from Synaptic Package Manager) and download the "Ubuntu restricted extras" which basically relieved me of problems with Opera, and audio from all directions. Hope this helped some!:)

March 3rd, 2012, 06:21 AM

this should help with rythmbox and banshee


read the 'Adding this PPA' details, lots of fine software exist in the many PPAs

For Opera, I install the latest linux flash player from the
Adobe website, and have good success. I don't think a separate
version is required anymore.