View Full Version : [ubuntu] Post your cool Unity customizations

February 25th, 2012, 04:02 PM
So I have seen all of the "I hate Unity" threads but I gave it chance since 11.04 first came out and I have to admit that I'm still using it. I actually like it now and use it on both my home and work systems. Yes -- I use Unity all day long while I'm at work! In any case, I digress.

While I like my desktop, I am always looking for ways to improve it. Currently I have made some very minimal changes:

- In gnome tweak tool I changed the GTK theme to Radiance, icon theme to Ubuntu mono light, and window theme to ambiance.

- I run conky (with a setup that I haven't changed for some time but it looks pretty good).

- I installed the Faenza icon theme and created custom .desktop files that use the new icons (only where I want them).

I modified the Unity plugin in CCSM to never hide the launcher and to decrease the launcher icon size.

None of these tweaks are really very crazy but I'll post a screenshot anyway. Note that this is a screenshot from my laptop screen. When I'm at work I dock it and have dual 24" monitors and my conky info is a little easier to read.


So those are my tweaks to Unity's look, but I'm curious what others may have done. So far the "craziest" customization that I have seen was something like this:


So -- anyone got some really cool tweak that you have done to your Unity setup? Let me see it!