View Full Version : [ubuntu] Problems with mic on chat site

February 22nd, 2012, 07:58 PM
Im using Ubuntu 11.10 and am having problems activating the mic when i tick the box it won't allow it's self to be ticked...very strange indeed :confused:

February 22nd, 2012, 08:15 PM
What site is it? You may have to go here (http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager07.html) and change your flash global settings for that site.

February 22nd, 2012, 08:50 PM
It's called Chatterboxx.org http://www.google.com/url?q=http://chatterboxx.org/&sa=U&ei=2EZFT9r-Gseg8gO-o5S4BA&ved=0CAQQFjAA&client=internal-uds-cse&usg=AFQjCNHDLhMKmVTlGOayBchME6Csf2RzxQ

PS Thanks

February 22nd, 2012, 09:08 PM
I tried the settings and it hasn't worked...basically there's a box that appears when i tick the mic for mic and webcam just like in the flash settings..the boxes can't be ticked when using Ubuntu yet when i use Windows there it works fine. :confused: