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junction banjo
October 16th, 2011, 09:46 PM
I posted a similar question here, but the responses it received answered a question which was NOT asked. Let me try this again:

In 11.04 - You could configure the Launcher (which was on Auto-Hide) so it would ONLY appear when the mouse was moved into Upper-Left-Corner of the screen.

In 11.10 - The Launcher (which is on Auto-Hide) appears whenever the mouse is moved to the left-side of the screen.

I would like to configure the Launcher in 11.10 so it ONLY appears when the mouse is moved into the Upper-Left-Corner of the screen.

The response I originally received stated it was the same process as in 11.04 and instructed me to access CompizConfigSerttingsManager. I never had to do this in 11.04. Furthermore, the original response stated in doing so I would be able to turn on the Auto-Hide option. I want to be clear - the Launcher in 11.10 IS configured to Auto-Hide. I simply want to restore the Left-Corner ONLY access I had in 11.04.

Any ideas?

October 16th, 2011, 10:49 PM
Is is done in ccsm > unity plugin - see screen
For the moment setting top left only can work - you'll need to move cursor into the corner as before, then slid down left edge to reveal

Setting the Edge Reveal timeout to 1 can help this happen

Currently the top left corner has been disabled - this is just something that happens to work