View Full Version : How about JUST the DansGuardian configuration files from UbuntuCE?

October 1st, 2011, 09:46 PM
I found some instructions that I tried this morning to download and install DansGuardian and Privoxy. They sort of worked -- that is, they didn't let anything objectionable come through, but they also blocked quite a few things that I knew for a fact WEREN'T inappropriate. Also, it interfered with the Xfce Weather Applet. Even worse, I couldn't get it to let me download themes from Xfce-Look. I tried to get DansGuardian to ignore the blocked file extension list, but ended up making it impossible to get online at all. Thankfully this was only on a spare computer and not my main one, but still...

For the record, I'm running CrunchBang Statler Xfce edition because I don't like the bloat of Ubuntu and don't like what's become of GNOME as of late and therefore switched to something with Xfce instead. What I would like to see are the DansGuardian and the proxy settings from UbuntuCE in a .deb file that can be readily downloaded and installed on any Debian- or Ubuntu-based system, because it's my understanding that the default filtering settings in UbuntuCE are MUCH more reasonable than DansGuardian's default settings. Why they see a need to block streaming audio, theme files from GNOME-Look/Xfce-Look/what have you, and many others, I have no idea -- but it's annoying as heck!

October 2nd, 2011, 03:35 AM
Please use attached file, extract it first.