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September 11th, 2011, 10:59 AM
Hey everybody,
I've just tried to install Ubuntu 11.04 64bit on my Asus K53B, but when it asks me for my keyboard layout and I select "Germany" it freezes. I can't select Forward, Back, Quit or anything else, though I still can move the mouse. After waiting 2 hours, I just shut down the notebook and started it again. Windows startet, checked the hard drive, some files were corrupted, but Windows appearantly repaired it. But my HDD was now 300GB instead of 500GB. Great. I shut it down again, tried to reinstall Ubuntu. but it's still freezing when selecting my keyboard layout.
I don't even want Ubuntu now anymore... I just want to know how to delete that Ubuntu partition on my hard drive (btw, I was never asked how big it should be, I wanted max. 80GB for Ubuntu), if possible without formatting it and re-installing Windows.

September 11th, 2011, 12:59 PM
Its really sorry what happened to you.
Please dont quit so easily.
I will tell you how to get back you partition.
But let me tell you one thing , The problem that you face might be because of you ubuntu cd error.
It must have got corrupt when you downloaded the image.
Please try redownloading the image in one go.Please dont pause the download and resume it . Do the whole download in a single go.
Now if you really want to go back to XP then I am not stopping you.
But Wait and think , If you leave nobody is gonna loose anything but if you are ready to stay and fight then we all at this community are gonna get a precious member.
boot your XP and get to the desktop
Now right click your My Computer then click manage.
In the window that just popped up select Disk management.
Wait until the page gets loaded then look carefully you will see you "lost" partition or equivalent space as "Unallocated" or "Freespace".
Select It/Them(if more then 1) and delete it then you will get 1 big unallocated space. then select that unallocated space and right click and select create partition. rest you will know how to move forward.
Please Dont Go!!