View Full Version : Ctrl+V stops working after a while and does this other thing (11.10 beta1 64bits)

September 9th, 2011, 04:48 PM
Hello guys,

After some time has elapsed (don't know for sure how much sometimes is just a few minutes in) whenever I try to move or copy/paste files in Nautilus, I can't no longer paste them with Ctrl+V. But, when I just booted into session it works flawlessly.

After operating a bit, browsing, coding, etc., it does something else. It pastes the name of the file to the right lower corner of the window. You can see what it is doing in the attached picture.

It is the same effect as if you are in Nautilus and you start typing the name of a file. Like when you are searching for one.

By the way, when this weird behaviour is up, when I start typing in a Nautilus window, after just one character, the little text-field gets cleared and closes up. It isn't working either.

I mean, I can't even type a complete word inside the window.
For example if I'm looking for the file "hola.txt", I start typing "h" and the little widged appears, then when I type "o" the it dissapears as if I had closed it manually.

Any pointers as to why could this be happening?