View Full Version : [ubuntu] Creating mission-critical information; need backup solution

September 4th, 2011, 12:23 AM
Last month, I installed a fresh copy of 10.04 to replace my 9.04 system. I asked about 11.04, but because I can't have this system fail, I decided to run 10.04.

I finally had a 120gb HD installed as a backup to my 320gb HD, and it mounts in Ubuntu, but not automatically. In addition, I don't have an automatic backup solution. I would prefer something that only copies over the changes to the files, as to not have to replace the entire file when one word is changed (something like Time Machine).

I need a Gui. At most, I'll have to backup only my documents and my photos. In the next three months, I will have to create files that ABSOLUTELY cannot fail. I will also have to come up with an offsite backup, but that will be done manually.

Have an idea?