View Full Version : [ubuntu] Minecraft and .jar

August 18th, 2011, 06:46 PM
I like the game minecraft, and when i go to the website i click the download for linux link.
I click it and it brings up a .jar file. i have no clue what to do with that, it looks like an old zip file from windows but i still don't know how to get my game out of it.
I do have java installed

August 18th, 2011, 06:51 PM
Right click and go to properties -> Permissions -> Allow executing as program. Then right click it, and select "Open with OpenJDK" or "Open with SunJava6" (Not sure about the second one). If none are there, you should install "OpenJDK Java 6 Runtime" from the software centre.

EDIT: Didn't notice you had Java installed. Uh, forget the last step then.

August 18th, 2011, 06:58 PM