View Full Version : [ubuntu] Why I will NEVER ever buy again ATI card....

August 17th, 2011, 07:41 PM
I'll share my story, maybe I'll feel less pissed...

All begun when decided to have 3 screens + beamer for HD projection.
I saw the eyefinity concept at ASUS ATI site and thought: time to give a chance to ati (after years...) and bought 6870 numbered model, switching from my old "slow" geforce 9800GT.

I can agree, setting freq for my 120Hz 3D monitor went just with click, and thats all what could enjoy as a benefit.
Problem came when wanted to kick my lovely cstrike and shoot some friends.

Simply, whatever you would use, with fasttls setting, /dev/shm, just WHATEVER you will end up with X freezed and after few hard resets you may end up as well with broken screen one of three... (cost: same as the card). Another amazingly bad for some unknown reasons crash happens when trying to use with kaffeine my lovely 6925 tbs superior card for sattelite... same effect, just screens stayed alive.

Compiz seems work flawlessly .. unless u start messing with it, results? read above.

More and more trying and hard restes till I got to final point when booting ended up with superblock that dissapeared... ok, thats fine, still, I thought - I did it many times, testdisk + fdisk and all should be back.

But, whooa, wait.... no no, I did recovery, but seems not only superblocks and theirs backups were gone, also few nice directories, of course these directiories that were important, that means configs.

That was just "ENOUGH", this monster took half of space in my tower and half of system data and all just to try all screens on one card (that actually worked well!!).

Well, now when I feel better and got a beer, I will simply advise to everyone, SPEND THAT FEW QUID MORE AND GO NVIDIA!

Their drivers are so bad, I am really serious about it, my old 9800 card had 100k 5 seconds run on glxgears while ati 6870 (should be 3x faster!) had lauzy 50k.

Cant wait to get my new GTX 580 at morning before going to work...

You have been warned! Dont waste your money or you will have to buy a new screen. :confused:

Ati changed owner but for sure NOT developers.