View Full Version : [ubuntu] Performance issues with 11.04/Unity on EEEpc 1015PN

August 17th, 2011, 03:49 PM
just bought a new 1015pn and installed 11.04 fresh. I must say I am very disappointed with performance, simple web browsing is laggy, just having a few tabs in Chrome and editing a Goggle Docs document and I sometimes have to wait for the cursor to move. VLC cannot play 1080p and after some help from Ubuntuforums I managed to do a workaround

but still it's not vertically synced.

I've already switched to Unity-2d and Compiz is off. Removed all unneccessary items from the startup.

I do notice that when the Nvidia ION kicks in it sure is a monster for example I can run WebGL apps like Google body browser very smoothly so I really do believe there is something in Ubuntu/Unity/CPU power management that is seriosly wrong. I just haven't got a slightes idea where to start and was hoping for anyone being in the same situation?

Since I am starting to really like the Unity approach I would like to know if I could install Lubuntu and Unity-2d as standalone on top of that? i read somewhere that the LXDE windows manager of Lubuntu uses about 10x less memory (Gnome is taking about 250mb of total 1gb, insane!) so that's why I want to try it out...

BTW do you know of any good benchmark utilites for testing overall performance and giving a score?

August 17th, 2011, 06:21 PM
Gave up on Unity and installed good and old Lubuntu. OMG what a difference, everything is smooth and fast again. WebGL is working perfectly, SMPlayer plays 1080p smoothly and in general, everything is just much faster!

After startup only about 350mb used (With Chrome started), used to be 6-700mb. Shame on Gnome/Unity... maybe fit for desktops but that's it. I still miss the launcher functions but some tweaks and customizations and I'll have most of it back in Lubuntu.