View Full Version : [ubuntu] need walkthrough of ubuntu 11.04 install on 3tb

August 15th, 2011, 03:21 PM

i probably should have posted this here
I need some help with my 1st Ubuntu install it will be replacing a Qnap nas

im somewhat comfortable with linux but the whole partitioning / setting up EFI / grub partition
is really confusing me i am installing on an empty 3tb drive from the ubuntu live cd

the 3tb drive is causing issues with the install / boot

here was the original post:




i am struggling with the below install
it wont boot after i install ubuntu 11.04 64 bit desktop

I am trying to install ubuntu to use as an nas / desktop


AMD A8-3850
Gigabyte A75-UD4H
western digital green 3 TB

I have tried just letting the installer run through - it wont boot after it installs

i understand i may need to have a grub bios partition the only option i saw was EFI

if this is the same thing how do i allocate the rest of the partitions

The bios on my board is supposed to support 3tb
I have also tried setting the cd/dvd in bios to EFI before i let the ubuntu dvd boot

at this point i am really pulling my hair out

I have also updated the bios to the newest (F4)