View Full Version : [ubuntu] The experience of Ubuntu on an Asus Z35F

August 8th, 2011, 06:31 PM
Hi everyone.
First of all, I'm the noob of all times when it comes to Ubuntu, and Linux in general for that matter. Having used Windows for over a decade now, I'm willing to try other alternatives. (Can you call Ubuntu an alternative to Windows? Nevermind that)

I own a notebook, which I recently upgraded to Windows 7. It's has a moddest Core2Duo T7400 2,2GHz CPU and 2,5 GB of RAM. My hard drive is a WD 320GB something.

In your honest opinion, how well will this notebook be able to run Ubuntu? Is it worth trying? Something I should be aware of, when I'm making the big switch?


August 8th, 2011, 08:32 PM
With those specs, your notebook will fly. I;d get rid of windows as soon as possible, there's no comparison to speed and ease of use. Things to be aware of?

1. Try the new Unity interface first using wubi (can run on windows as an exe file, nothing is installed) to see if it suits your workflow. COming from Windows 7 you will probably find it intuitive and working well. Many pe0ple don't like it, because it's changing the concept of what desktp linux should be. In Natty 11.04 you can easily switch to a more XP like operating environment (Gnome 2.x), however this is changing for the next Ubuntu release. (updated Gnome3, similar to Unity in it's difference from the old environment)
2 Double check your hardware to make sure everything is going to work, and that you have work arounds if it doesn't. Particularly important is your GPU. You want hardware accelerated graphics, etc.
3. Have fun, and enjoy some awesome speed increases to your computer! Ubuntu is great for beginners and Windoze refugees, but also fantastic for the more experienced users who can configure everything. Good luck.

August 11th, 2011, 04:47 AM
Hello! I'm also new to Ubuntu and Linux in general. I can't imagine with those specs that you'll have any issues running it. I just installed it to my netbook with a 1.66Ghz processor and 1gb ram, and it's running very smoothly (And MUCH faster than the Windows 7 Starter it came with).

Since I'm new to this I decided to boot from a USB and try it out first, and then eventually made it so I could dualboot with windows (not using Wubi, but I'm sure someone more computer literate than myself can tell you about its pros and cons).