View Full Version : [ubuntu] Win7 to Ubuntu Server bridge connection not working proper.

July 31st, 2011, 05:23 AM
Here is what is frustrating me. I have bridged a connection before, so I'm sure it is the stupidest mistake I'm overlooking. (I have been told that cross over cables are obsolete but I'm using one anyways on newer hardware.)

Also, I have been at this for 6 hours, so my mind is a little gone.

This is a wireless to wired connection.

Windows' bridged setup (firewall is off.)
Address x.x.x.28
gateway x.x.x.1
(So on and so forth)

With DHCP is enabled Ubuntu server's setup
Address x.x.x.28 (not a typo)
gateway x.x.x.1

No ping to anything

Here are the static setups I have tried. (The subnet stays the same in all, i have only changed the numbers on the server)

x.x.x.29 (and a few other different un-taken IP's)

x.x.x.28 (never with the same address)

I made the cable myself, it could be the problem, but it's worked before.

I have wracked my brain and all my searches turn up "How do I bridge to my xbox" (with all the emoticons and "LOLS" excluded.)

I may have excluded needed information, I am happy to tell you anything about my setup.

Sorry if this has been asked already. I searched, but not that hard.

SIDENOTE: I'm doing this because my room mate is paranoid and won't give me a port forward off his firewall until I prove it is setup proper.

TL:DR Port forwarding for noobs

Edit: TLDR Network bridging for noobs.