View Full Version : [ubuntu] Thinkpad E420s trackpad randomly stops working or has limited functionality

July 13th, 2011, 09:12 AM
From time to time, my trackpad will stop working entirely (usually briefly, sometimes for 20 minutes+). On other occasions the trackpad will have basic functionality, but I'll be unable to use the Trackpoint style pointer (or whatever you wish to call it (http://xkcd.com/243/)), as well as the left and right click buttons above the trackpad (so I'm only able to move the mouse and effect a left-click by tapping the trackpad - no way to right-click).

Generally this problem "fixes itself" after a while, but it's still quite annoying. Does anyone have any thoughts as to how I could fix or at least diagnose this problem?

I'm using Ubuntu 11.04.

Also, more generally, I'm curious if there's a guide somewhere about what to do when things crash or behave in unexpected ways. I love Ubuntu, but it really does seem that things crash or bug out more often than when I'm on Windows. I'd love to be able to do a decent job of diagnosing this kind of thing, and filing useful bug reports, rather than just being a passive victim. I'm assuming a bug report like "I was listening to music, and then Banshee crashed, so I had to restart it" is totally useless to developers.