View Full Version : [ubuntu] Battery monitor on Eee PC 900

July 3rd, 2011, 09:38 PM
I was recently given a eee pc 900. It originally came with XP but since I wanted an OS that was current I installed Ubuntu 11.04 on it. For the most part it works great and as critical as I might be of Unity, it actually ends up fitting in pretty well on a netbook. The only issue I keep having is the battery meter isn't working. If I click on the battery icon it says it is estimating but I have had this thing for a while now and I suspect if it would ever figure it out it would have done so by now. How do I fix the battery meter because this is a little like driving a car with no gas gauge?

Having Googled the problem it looks like it is an ACPI issue. I made a change to the grub configuration that Ubuntu's documentation suggested but that didn't work. I have the latest BIOS.