View Full Version : [ubuntu] Windows & dialog boxes open vertically maximized

June 29th, 2011, 12:23 AM
I'm preparing for a clean install of Natty and want to clean up old customizations for possible re-use of some of them once Natty is up, and so that none of my current setup messes things up in the new installation. (Still using Karmic right now.)

One major problem is that within Firefox, all of my windows and dialog boxes, when I open them, are in a vertically maximized state. (I can adjust, of course, but to close and re-open means they're vert-maxed again.) This also appears to be happening to some extent outside of FF.

I'd like to change that, so that they aren't vertically maximized when I open them.

I use (and have always used) the Metacity windows manager.

And System --> Prefs --> Appearance --> Visual Effects has always been set to "None."

I think I long ago deliberately set this vertical-maximization, but I don't remember where or how.

Also (outside of FF) there are two places where I have the opposite problem -- I want the windows to open vertically maximized, and they don't: (1) System --> Prefs --> Keyboard Shortcuts; and (2) Terminal --> Edit --> Keyboard Shortcuts.

For (1) above, I've tried to get this working with Devilspie using the other name for this Keyboard Shortcuts, which is "gnome-keybinding-properties" (which is also its command under "Launcher Properties" -- I have it in the gnome top panel) but my Devilspie command for this isn't working.

Any tips appreciated.

I'd also like to know the name to use in Devilspie for the Terminal's Keyboard Shortcuts.

(P. S. Please, before advising just to use Devilspie or wmctrl for windows issues, I have both these, but need first to unset this bad default. Thanks.)