View Full Version : [ubuntu] Realtek HD Audio Sound Problem Resolved

May 30th, 2011, 07:41 PM
I tore my hair out for a number of months regarding ubuntu 11.04 and my built in sound card, Realtek HD Audio. The computer has six, color coded, but unlabeled 1/8" audio jacks on the back, and a headphone and mike jacks on the front. I also have sound connections through a ATI Radeon 2400 HD Video Card HDMI. From the start, I had no problems with the HDMI sound. In fact, aplay -l located the Realtek and the ATI sound cards. Since I used two different monitors, I wanted to be able to select which sound device I would use. :(

To make a long story short, and after three reinstals of ubuntu, I tried the audio through the headphone jack in front. Sound, very good sound. I pulled the headphone jack, nothing through the speakers. Then I remembered in Win 7, when you plug into one of the rear jacks, a small program is launched to ask you what your desire is regarding that plug. Speaker, headphone, mic, line-out, etc. So I wondered what would happen if I unplugged the speaker plug and used a different jack. Wonder of wonders, I had sound out of my speakers.:P:P The sound was adjustable using ALSAmixer GUI.

Bottom line, in Realtek HD Sound, the rear jacks are software selectable and plug and play.