View Full Version : [all variants] help with raid5 mdadm think 2 disks are faulty

April 17th, 2011, 07:40 PM
Can somebody help me ?
i had a raid5 running and plugged in a drive to the molex and 2 disks changed from /dev/sdf and /dev/sdg to /dev/sdh and /dev/sdi
mdadm failed them
i tried to re add them but it just made them to spares
originally i had sdb sdc sdd sde sdf sdg in the raid

and now it looks like this http://pastie.org/private/ggfy02gicdv4mwruwcy1ug

someone please help me


/dev/sdc is suposed to be 1 and /dev/sdf is suposed to be 4