View Full Version : [ubuntu] Linux identity crisis, new laptop with HDMI

April 17th, 2011, 10:00 AM
I've been using Linux as my only OS for the last year. I've been using it as a dual boot for years, but I digress.

My new laptop is a (Gateway - NV53A) AMD phenom x3 with a ATI radeon HD4250 card inside. My old Intel laptop with Intel graphics work with out video issues so I had no problem running Linux exclusively.

Here's my dilemma...My new laptop has an HDMI output with audio so can actually hook it up to my HDTV and watch my movies and video streams directly. That only works well with the Win7 Home premium that was included.

I've been trying and trying to get it to work the same or at least close to it within Linux, to no avail. I would hate to miss out on those features my new laptop has built in.

Does anyone have any suggestions or perhaps a work around so I don't have to rely on windows for my multimedia?

Thanks in advance everyone.