View Full Version : [ubuntu] Core 2 Duo with decent GPU good for gaming?

April 3rd, 2011, 01:09 AM
Hi, I have an old computer in my basement that I'm looking to turn into a not half bad gaming pc. The only thing is, by the time i'm done with it, none of the parts will be new. Including the case, so it will be a totally different computer. Until that point, I'm going to upgrade what I need until necessary. the motherboard can only handle a P4. it's the P4VXASD2+ specifically. It has a stock video card in a PCI slot. I am unable to find out anymore specs as the video card is dead. I have ordered the same thing on eBay. I have plans to get a decent GPU for the age of the computer. Something along the lines of these 2 cards or something like them.



I thought that the P4 was a 3.0ghz one. It has 512MB of RAM, and with one of those cards, would gaming be any good?