View Full Version : [gnome] i couldn't start my laptop on graphical mode

April 1st, 2011, 09:07 AM
i tried to install vlc on debian so by the root console i have wrote the following command
$ apt-get install vlc
after, the system has been downloading the package from distant server and have took a long time may be 6 hours so here i thought there was a problem how a short program take 6 hours ! let it continue
the time was late i went to bed and let it complete download
in moorning when i got my laptop i found the package has finished and window set up has started i type ok directly to complte the installation but when the system was installing i could know that 's i did a kernel upgrade , ok continue no problem
i continued upgrade kernel until all processe has been finished and reboot a system too much error displayed during starting
and the last error have displayed was : failed to start the X server ( your graphical interface ) it is likely that it is not set up correctly
also to know before upgrade a kernel i installed ntfs-2g
first kernel version is
new kernel version is
please could some body help to get a solution for that
and thanks for all help