View Full Version : [SOLVED] Get Read Write Gold PDFAloud working in Linux with VirtualBox!

March 6th, 2011, 05:42 AM
PDFAloud / Read Write Gold only work under windows. I had no success on getting PDFAlound or Read Write Gold working using Wine.

So, after getting tired of dual-booting back and forth between Linux and Windows, I installed Windows XP as a Virtual Guest OS in a VirtualBox on Linux Mint Host OS. Now, Read Write Gold & PDFAloud are installed on the Guest OS and working like a charm.

Note that I have 2.3Ghz, Quad-core, 8GB DDR2 RAM without Hardware Virtualization (Intel VT, or AMD-V). In the past, On a single-core machine with 3.0Ghz, 2GB DDR2 RAM same setup was sluggish in performance.