View Full Version : [gnome] gnome power manager battery level + backlight not working

February 27th, 2011, 05:48 PM
hello everyone.

yesterday i've installed ubuntu 10.10 on my hp dv6-3149sl .... i had to do some work before getting all my peripherals working properly.

everything is working great now, except for 1 thing

1) the gnome power manager utility is not working properly , the battery level stays stuck "estimating" and doesnt say anything about its charge level

2) the brightness settings arent working also , i can reduce or increase the level from the power manager both in AC or non AC settings .... but the problem is that nothing happens
the brightness stays the same.

the only way i can change it is by manually push the brightness button controls on my keyboard.

3) another thing: is there a supplement to the gnome power manager to provide also a power saving profile like in KDE ?

i hope someone of you can help me out in these 3 points, i have a quite big need of these power management utilities otherwise i have to get back to kde but i dont like it so much as gnome.

thank you all in advance.