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February 16th, 2011, 01:30 PM
Having recently acquired a netbook to use during university I thought I would try out the netbook version which uses Unity to see how I feel about having heard many people grinding their teeth in regards to it.

Well, I like it so far (Testing off a USB stick) and there are a few small questions I would like to know if they're possible before I use it full time as my work flow/efficiency may take a hit at first:

1) Shortcut to open 'homepage' (Where you can search and it has the different categories)? I'd like to treat the search box there as for example, Spotlight on Mac or the Start bar on Windows.. or should I just use something like Gnome Do (Which I do like a lot)?
2) On different workspaces have the menu list on the left only show the active/open programs?
3) Auto-hide the menu on the left?
5) Not related to Unity but when I add broadcast accounts like Flickr, etc, how do I actually log-in? :/ Like, so that at the top right it shows as logged-in for inside Gwibber it logs in fine, automatically.
6) Is it possible to have things (Files, icons, ..) on the desktop?
7) Compared to plain Ubuntu, any difference in battery usage?

Good job so far though.