View Full Version : [SOLVED] Difference between KDE and Gnome?

Bernie Gallagher
February 13th, 2011, 10:36 PM
I've noticed that some people prefer KDE to Gnome. Is there any advantage to using KDE. What are the real differences other than cosmetic? If I wanted to, could I replace Gnome with KDE on Ubuntu? Or do I need to replace Ubuntu with Kubuntu?

Copper Bezel
February 13th, 2011, 10:42 PM
You can actually run both desktops and compare them. You'd want to install the (meta)package kubuntu-desktop .

It's a very different workflow and a lot of different choices in the bundled default applications. Ultimately, of course, it's a matter of preference.

To switch between DEs, log out, select your name, and then change the "Session" box at the bottom before you enter your password.

February 14th, 2011, 12:06 AM
If you install KDE next to your Ubuntu installation, beware that GTK programs will probably look very ugly. The kubuntu-default-settings (apt://kubuntu-default-settings) package should take care of this, but installing that will probably also change the branding of your machine to Kubuntu's. (boot/shutdown screens, etc)

Bernie Gallagher
February 14th, 2011, 12:14 AM
Oh? I don't want to do that, then. I'll stick with Gnome. I was just curious about the differences, is all.

BTW, I found this with an Ixquick search: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/kdegnome

That pretty much answers my question :-)

February 14th, 2011, 12:21 AM
The best way to really try it out is to download a live image (of Kubuntu) and extract it onto an usb pendrive, then boot that. unetbootin (apt://unetbootin) is great for preparing such a pendrive.