View Full Version : [ubuntu] No boot from USB or CD

January 30th, 2011, 12:41 AM
OK, I have major league screwed something up. I had 10.04 working fine, when I upgraded to 2.6.32-28. I had some trouble with the graphics (mouse would not move) and decided that it wasn't worth fooling with when I wanted to upgrade to 10.10 anyway. I went to my wife's Mac and downloaded the ISO and made a bootable USB memory stick.

OK, now the thing won't boot at all (flgrx messages) from any current Linux kernel. The boot devices menu at startup sees the USB, but will not boot from it (it just goes to the hard disk). When I made a CD on the Mac and used it, it just sits in the CD drive and grinds uselessly for a few minutes before going to the hard disk. Trying an external CD drive doesn't work; it doesn't even see it.

I am using an HP dv7 1130us Pavilion. It *has* been working under Ubuntu fairly well.

I know this seems to be multiple problems or something, but HELP!

Dave Barton