View Full Version : startup image freezes after update installation

January 27th, 2011, 02:45 PM
Hello guys ... hope your all fine!

I think i`ll need your assistance.
My Ubuntu (10.10 Maverick 64bit) keeps freezing up after the login sound! The problem is that i cannot help u much understand what`s wrong because i cannot isolate the cause of that problem. All i can tell is that all this begun right after i`ve accepted for installation some updates and restarted my PC.

The fact is that i think that there must be something wrong with my Nvidia or the driver of it because now i can login in safe mode using low resolution.When i`m trying to login normally,where i use the extra functions 3D, the startup screen freezes...and even Alt+Ctrl+Del isn`t working.

I really don`t know what else to mention or to present to help u! I thought that a list with the last updates should be helpful so i`ve attached 2 screenshots of them.

If u think something more is needed ,please guide me through to gather the proper infos (logs) in order to help understand the problem.

I`d like to thank u in advance!