View Full Version : [ubuntu] Can no longer ssh in to server...

January 15th, 2011, 09:53 PM
I usually ssh into my Ubuntu 9.10 LAMP server using shell, but just installed the mac version of Filezilla and was going to connect using sftp. I wasn't able to connect, so I went back to my shell, and saw it's connection dropped, and on attempts to ssh back into the server, I just keep getting time outs.
Is there a security setting that I possibly triggered on an Ubuntu 9.10 LAMP server installation that locks a user or IP out after a certain number of attempts to log in? I'm guessing that is what has locked me out...

January 15th, 2011, 10:08 PM
actually, i just remoted into another computer and was able to ssh into the server from it, so I must have some security settings set up to kill access from an offending IP attempting multiple times to gain access... Now to think back to whether I did that or if it is a default security setting... hmmm.

January 15th, 2011, 10:39 PM
I fell victim to my own security settings... I had set up fail2ban, and it did what it was supposed to do after the failed sftp attempts by filezilla... back in now.