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January 14th, 2011, 03:25 AM
My thread here

was recently closed. I am unaware of any forum rule that it conflicts with.

I am looking to possibly start a group of people that play online poker on the Ubuntu platform and this thread was a means for me to gauge interest.

It was placed in a proper area of the forums and even included Ubuntu oriented topics as I mentioned discussing problems with running the poker software with wine as one of the functions of such a group, should it be created.

I make no attempt to "lure" people to poker. I simply ask if there are any other people like me out there with an interest in Ubuntu and online poker that would like to starting a group.

I wasn't in any way to to recruit new players to the game, nor was I promoting anything.

I will not make assumptions as to why this thread was closed. But I will suggest that perhaps others have made assumptions and maybe even come down a little heavy handed here.

I ask for a fair reconsideration.

Thank you.

January 14th, 2011, 08:23 AM
I agree with the staff decision to close the thread. It is not appropriate to user these Forums as a gambling recruitment mechanism.

January 14th, 2011, 01:34 PM
I agree with the staff decision to close the thread. It is not appropriate to user these Forums as a gambling recruitment mechanism.

I'm guessing that pleading my case any further is a waste of time. But I'm going to complain a little anyway.

This above quote does not address any of my points nor does it direct me to any part of the coc that my thread violated. It is purely one persons judgment of not only the topic of my thread but my intention in posting it. Both of which are plainly incorrect.

My thread in fact had little to do with gambling. I do address the possibility of private tourneys, but only late in the paragraph as a final thought.

I thought my post was quite clear in that I indicate I had gotten the software required to play to work in Ubuntu with wine, a topic that I have seen in these forums several times. I then indicate that I am curious to know if there is like-minded individuals to myself out there that may be interested in starting a group. Groups are a part of these forums, so I don't see where I made an error in judgment here.

I make no attempt to "recruit" anyone. I was simply attempting to gauge interest in the community of starting such a group. A group that was not primarily about "gambling" but discussing issues surrounding getting software that all of us are already using on other platforms to work with Ubuntu. And possibly discuss game strategy etc. I have re-read my thread now several times and it seems very clear on these points to me.

A big part of what originally attracted me to Ubuntu, and by association these forums was the concept of freedom promoted by it's creators and users. Appears to me that this concept has been completely ignored here and been replaced by snap judgments and biased opinions, as if some of my uses of Ubuntu were immoral and I was seeking to sully the community.

Truth be told, I don't mind that the thread is closed. While it didn't have much time (only a Thursday afternoon) to see if interest existed, in it's short lifespan it seemed to just attract users uninterested in such a group who couldn't resist posting their off-thread-topic opinions. Including the moderator who ultimately closed the thread. These were the people that turned it into a gambling thread, and frankly I couldn't be bothered with that.

I am however disappointed that I have not been given the opportunity to pursue my interests with the Ubuntu community to the fullest extent by these forums.

I respectfully suggest that if I was using wine to run Space Invaders or some bowling game and posted a thread to gauge interest in starting a group to assist others in getting their software working on the Ubuntu platform, discuss game strategy and perhaps have tournaments, that my thread would not have been met with such bias, discrimination and judgment.

January 14th, 2011, 04:45 PM
For the Admins http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1666911#taglist

January 14th, 2011, 05:10 PM
I think the current state of affairs is completely reasonable.

The thread is visible and people may contact you and I see no reason to open the thread for discussion, or in other words, you have posted your idea on these forums, but please bring the discussion and organization elsewhere.

You have not given any justification to open the thread and advertisement or links or in your case recruitment to offsite activities or web pages is nothing short of spam.

So we allow links to web pages in sig so long as they are somehow related to Linux. The main purpose of your thread seems to be gambling and using Ubuntu to do so is insufficient justification to promote gambling on these forums.

January 14th, 2011, 06:30 PM
You claim you are seeking people play Poker however....

"So I am wondering how many of us Ubuntu users that also enjoy real money poker are out there? If there is enough of us maybe we could look at starting a group? "

"If there is enough of us we could even set up some private tourneys."

"Now if I can just find a couple dozen more players we might be able to get something going!"

These quotes from your posts clearly show that you are seeking players for online Gambling. As this may well be illegal in many of the countries we serve it is therefore a breach of the Code of Conduct. As stated earlier it is not what Ubuntu Forums is for and I am sure you can find other sources for this.

January 14th, 2011, 09:12 PM
kiwiNZ's quotes are completely out of context. Of course I'm looking to "get something going", I was thinking about starting a group! The second quote was the third of three purposes I laid out for such a group and the first quote is me merely asking how many players were out there that might be interested. There was no talk of gambling.

The gambling discussion started in the second post where a user suggested it may be illegal in the US, but was continued by other posters (posting way off topic I have to again stress) expressing their opinions in the thread.

The Ubuntu Forums moderator participating in the thread went as far as to mention casinos. Casinos?? I was talking about poker software running on Ubuntu through wine. It was your moderator that turned the conversation to casinos and the funds they generate.

This moderator posted his personal off-topic opinion of gambling, then closed the thread. I don't find that real classy. Now he further posts a link in this thread that I can't view. Another classy contribution to my appeal.

Bohdi however makes at least some sense. I've dealt with him before and he seems reasonable. So I'll just let it die.

I am deeply offended though at being accused of "promoting" gambling. For the record I don't go to casinos. I don't make wagers outside of micro-stakes poker and I don't even buy lottery tickets. I don't play slot machines and I don't enter raffles.

I have been a member here for years and this was my first post related to this topic. I understand that this is primarily a tech forum, but I am saddened by this and recent changes that seem to take any sense of community right out of it.

So I guess I'm left confused with what exactly groups are for. Would a bowling group of Ubuntu users be permissible?

At any rate no need to worry about this any further. I simply won't post or participate in any threads that aren't completely tech related. That is of course if I'm allowed to do even that in the future.

I regret even trying to get the software working in Ubuntu now and posting that thread altogether. I just ignore threads that don't interest me or deal with something that I don't support or fully understand. I guess I have made a mistake in thinking others did the same.

I even regret starting this thread. Come to think of it I regret typing out this post. So I guess I'll stop.

Keep up the good work mods.

January 14th, 2011, 10:06 PM
We review these things case by case. In your case I would advise you put your time and energy into forming your gambling group/site or grow it as you see appropriate, but ...

We are asking you to do this off site for the reasons we cited.

A discussion about hypothetical "what if" is not productive and you have not convinced me to change my decision.

Good luck to you and your group.

January 14th, 2011, 10:52 PM
Thanks Bodhi.

I agree that nothing about this has been productive and I'll just move on. It's just been really frustrating for me to have my intentions and my words twisted by others, so I felt the desire to say something.

I spent some time last night looking through a fair number of the other posts in this resolution center. Without a doubt there is a lot of nonsense that occurs, but I understand now where a lot of the posters get frustrated. I think this whole mess will make me a little more understanding of others when they fly off the handle a little bit in life.

The reality with my initial poker thread is that I was gauging for interest... and wasn't getting any. That thread would have likely died on its own that night and I would have been completely ok with that and never spoke another word of it. I was set off a moderator sticking his two cents in for the last word in a conversation that had nothing to do with my original post and then closing the thread.

I guess I'll never understand why others felt the need to post an opinion on gambling in a thread that wasn't asking for any such input. But that's actually quite low on the list of stupid things that I don't understand in this world. So with that... I let it go.

Thanks for your time and sorry for any inconvenience.