View Full Version : Anyone else running an ATOM 330 dual as a backend?

December 23rd, 2010, 02:38 AM

I've installed mythbuntu on an Atom dual core 330 made by a company called Jetway. The reason for my choice of motherboards is this was one of the only ATOM boards that I could get that had two PCI slots for the two PVR-500s that I have. I'm also doing HD through something called a Silicon Dust HD Homerun ethernet capture device that is external and captures Over the Air local HD programming.

This system is also being used as a Squeezebox music server, samba, DHCP server and PXEboot stuff to support something called minimyth for diskless front ends in three different places in the house.

My observations on this choice of processor is that this thing really rips as a backend. Boot times are under 15 seconds and the processor never seems to be working very hard, even with the additional apps.

Most of my frontends are dual core ATOMs as well.

I would just like to hear anyone else's experience with using ATOM processors with Mythbuntu.

December 23rd, 2010, 05:37 AM
I have been under the assumption that they are fine as a front end, but I'd be curious to see how its performs as a backend, Running mythexport, or commercial detection while trying to record and feed front ends, not to mention its feeding mythweb and the mysql DB too, all simultaneous might be too much. Im upgrading my backend to a quad core(6 core was too much $$), as it gets over loaded at times.