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Silent Warrior
December 20th, 2010, 09:58 PM
Hey, I have some kind o' testimony to either rejoice in or be dismayed over.

I recently managed to bag a couple of really fascinating used components - an i7 860 with an aftermarket cooler and all the 120 mm fans you can shake a stick at, 4 Gb DDR3-1600, and a GTX 460 1 Gb. (The parts people discard...)
So, I stick this goodness into my 'production' machine, thought I'd see what happens, moving the previous equipment (AM2, Athlon X2 6400, 3 Gb DDR2) into the other chassi, finally retiring my P4-setup - the CPU-cooler didn't fit in that chassi, btw. In this now-monster-machine I have a grand total of three OSes: WinXP, Ubuntu Maverick, and Win7 (phasing out XP, got some games I "can't live without" ;) ). I have a feeling you can guess what's become of the project already, but I'll just carry on for the less initiated.

On booting into Ubuntu, all was peachy (well, I had to turn the fan attached to the CPU-cooler around to keep the CPU from pushing 70 C in BIOS, but besides that...) - just pick up from where I left off with significantly more zest in KDE's bling, and loading the DE itself in about 1/3 as much time as the previous configuration. There's really nothing else to say about it.
But Windows? I think XP threw a bluescreen immediately as it was passed control from GRUB, but the computer rebooted too quickly to read any error message. And 7? It does start loading - yay - but never reaches the log-in doohickey. Reboot without blue-screen, as far as I can detect. I never even get a complaint about having made significant changes to my hardware!

Linux unstable? (In a "state of continuous evolution"?) Perhaps, but I'll be thrice damned and poxed to smithereens if it's not far more robust than the competition! (And I say that with absolutely no significant experience with Macs since around 1990.) Meh, I'll just move the XP-harddrive over to #2; simplest by far.

December 20th, 2010, 10:09 PM
My netbook came with Windows XP. I installed Ubuntu and the wifi didn't work. I was PISSED and wondered why the hell would people use ubuntu if stuff didn't even work right. I fixed the problem by connecting to wired internet and going to hardware drivers. Easy as that. When I installed Windows XP again (I was bored), I couldn't get the driver at all!! Like seriously, I couldn't find out how to make it work anywhere. And the graphics sucked so I don't think that had a driver installed properly. Point is, Ubuntu rocks. :P

December 20th, 2010, 10:12 PM
In my experience it is better to re-install Windows when any significant hardware changes have been made...

Silent Warrior
December 21st, 2010, 03:42 AM
I'm going to have to second that. And third it, and quarter. The snag is, for one of the games I'm running, I kinda sorta got rid of the installation media before I realized I really did need it... :oops: Well, the involved harddrive is back to its old nesting grounds, so that's XP taken care of, for the time being. Now to go through the games, so I can uninstall them in good conscience...