View Full Version : [other] Removing pgp keys form my launchpad.net acount

December 17th, 2010, 10:18 PM
Hey guys I'm totally new to this, I wanted to create ppa for my mplayer and smplayer build and upload debian packages there I really did and I made pgp key sent to kserver.ubuntu.com

after I signed ubuntu code of conduct I reboot into recovery mode cleaned my home folder getting ready for building mplayer and smplayer.

and cause Im new to all of this I forget to backup my pgp key, so now I know my key will stay on kserver.ubuntu.com forever.

I will make new one and use it, But I dont know how to tell launchpad to delete that lost key cause I signed ubuntu code of conduct with it so I deactivated the sign and the key but i wanna totally delete the key form launchpad, it will be not useful at all and it may get me confused in the future