View Full Version : [lubuntu] Trouble connecting to the Internet with Lubuntu 10.10

December 9th, 2010, 03:37 AM
I'm asking about getting atleast two computers online at the same time. The router I ordered finally came in .... The router I have has 3 LAN ports and 1 WAN port (for the cable modem). It has a variety of wirless encryption types that it supports including WPA2. It is a NetTrend router (TEW-651BR). The computer I have is an HP desktop...not sure of the model # but it has the number 2UA60BK1YJ on the back of it. (I don't know how to see what drivers it has for the network card). I have a Belkinwireless N USB adapter model # N10117.

Here's the strange thing about it...it just doesn't have the comuter with Linux Lubuntu 10.10 online...through this router when I use the Ethernet cable...and the wireless connection gets lost easy even though the damn USB wireless-N device from the Linux computer is touching--or is a matter of a few inches from--the antenna of the router! Another strange thing is I can boot a different computer...which is a laptop that I have temporarily because I fixed something with it....up with the Lubunutu 10.10 Linux boot CD--choose to Try Linux without installing it on the laptop --and have it online with no problem through this router....(no manual configuration necessary)...I don't get what's different with the laptop versus my Linux computer. Also, I can get my Linux computer online if I bypass the router but I'm trying to have it work with the router so I caqn have more than one computer online at the same time.

Also, when I boot off my computer off the CD to just test the OS on it get online with the cable...it connects just fine with or without being connected to the router as long as it's connected to the cable box/modem. I don't care so much about the wireless aspect of it. It doesn't maintain a conection very long whether or not it's booted from the CD or the hard drive with the HP desktop...I'm a bit new to these forums so I didn't know how to report it as a bug.

Anyway, what I'm going to end up doing is just re-installing Lubuntu 10.10 without downloading and installing any extra packages...but then I'll need to know what manually package to install to be able get flash associated with youtube.com videos I use for entertainment.

If I continue to have a problem with my Internet after reinstalling I'll let somebody know...ether way can somebody tell me how to report this problem??? Also, what package do I install to have flash work for youtube.com, since I won't choose to have extra packages downloaded and installed???