View Full Version : Proprietary Nvidia Driver causes Ubuntu to become unbootable

December 6th, 2010, 06:59 AM
Hi Ubuntu Forums. I recently installed Ubuntu 10.04 on my alienware m11x, and the first time i did this, it asked me to install a proprietary driver for my graphics card, and after i installed that, i ran a bunch of other updates to the system, then after i restarted, it would never boot back into Ubuntu again. So I reloaded Ubuntu, but haven't installed the Nvidia driver since, only running system updates, and its worked ok so far. But now that I'm running lots of different 3d effects on Ubuntu, I really need my vid card driver, but I'm scared to install it again incase of another crash. has anyone else encountered this problem?
btw, my graphics card is a 1GB Nvidia 335M, and I'm running a 64x system.

tl;dr - My Proprietary graphics driver causes Ubuntu to become unbootable.