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November 27th, 2010, 08:20 PM
p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } The mouse of all the problems:

New to this forum, I have been using Ubuntu since the 8.04 version and never had a problem until I upgraded to 10.04 and later to 10.10. I would like to expose a problem which has been pestering me since Ubuntu 10.04 and eventually give you all a hint as a solution if like me you have had the same trouble.
My laptop is an HP dv6620la in the HP dv6550 family. (The la stands for Latin America)

Whenever I started my computer (on cold boot), it always hanged at the line: ACPI Core revision 20100428 and didn't respond to any input from the keyboard or anything else as everything seemed to be frozen. To use Ubuntu again, I had to reboot the hard way by removing the battery and switching off from the main and restarting the laptop a few times.
I thought at first that it was something of a conflict with the Nvidia card as I had heard a lot of complains about it. I checked the Internet to see if I could find a solution to the problem and made several changes to Grub2 by removing the quiet splash line and adding nomodeset to best use my Nvidia card. I even removed the driver to upgrade it to a newer one and end up messing a lot. At the end, I had to reinstall the whole system.
Still the problem continued even if I added few commands to the Grub2 in relation with ACPI to see if I could solve the recurring nightmare and hoping that the next kernel upgrade from Ubuntu would bring me peace. God have I tried hard until I read in a post that the USB hardware could be the issue and especially the USB mouse.

So to cut short the story, the next day I started my laptop but didn't connect my USB optical mouse to it and wonder of wonders Ubuntu booted just fine and no more message: ACPI Core revision 20100428 and a frozen screen. Not believing it at first, I tried several times to cold boot my lap without optical mouse and the issue was gone. The problem was solved the damned mouse was the cause and it had nothing to do with Ubuntu or Grub2.

Now the reason I post this story is that if you have the same problem then check your USB mouse. Retrospectively, I realized that my Ubuntu boot problem started when I changed my old broken mouse to an optical one but I never made the connection until now. So it seems that some hardware (optical mouse) conflict with Ubuntu.

Hope this story will help. Meanwhile, enjoy Ubuntu and Linux en general.

February 20th, 2011, 08:26 AM
Sadly for me, (dv6710us) there are no devices connected to any of the ports on my computer, usb or otherwise, and i have the same problem. it seemed a stroke of luck that i got it to boot into a kernel a week ago. I have just fixed (presumably) a problem in my sudoers file, and would love to boot into a useful GUI, but it always seems to hang, recovery mode or not. any help out there?