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November 16th, 2010, 06:50 PM
Okay so first off, I'm semi new to ubuntu. I'm typical Mac user that runs windows on parallels. I would run Ubuntu more frequently if parallels allowed me to enable the 3D cube effect and other things but thats for another time.

Anyway, there are computers in my school lab that don't work because the hard drive won't read the windows partition and out Tech support takes forever to get anything done (usually). So I typically end up fixing the computers without permission (hint's my lame screen name).

Earlier today I was bored and I found a computer that can't run windows so I booted Ubuntu from my flash drive. I obviously can't just leave my flash drive in the computer all day though so is there I way that I can create a live CD or something and boot the computer from that, and still have programs installed on it?

What I want to do is install 10.10 onto something (preferably a CD) and have it able to run Microsoft Office 2007 (because I really don't like OpenOffice). I can do this with CrossOver.

I have it on my flash drive but every time I switch computers the changes are gone so either I did something wrong when I installed it to my flash drive or Ubuntu doesn't support the changes? (I'm not sure.)

So is this possible? Whether it is or not, what do you suggest? I can't wipe the hard drive unfortunately because I would get into a **** load of trouble for that since I'm not and official IT support for the system.

If it matters, the computer is dell desktop. (Not sure of model.

November 16th, 2010, 08:21 PM
I suggest letting IT support do their job - this is not the place to get support for this activity.