View Full Version : [ubuntu] HP dv6000 laptop wireless

October 28th, 2010, 08:18 AM
HP dv6000 laptop. I installed the 386 version of Ubuntu 10.04 but there was no wireless so I followed a thread to install the broadcom driver. This didn't work as the driver was incompatible with the 64 bit architecture, so I downloaded and installed the 64 bit 10.04.

The Broadcom driver now installed but although it shows the signal strength bar, the bar shows as empty blocks instead of filled blocks [as per my Acer laptop]. Driver was installed from the Hardware drivers menu item.

I also get the black dialogue box which says that it's connected - but it don't work....

If I click the signal strength logo it also shows the availability of the wireless connection but never connects to it. All the connection info is correct as per the Acer laptop which works perfectly.

As a final check I tried connecting to an unsecured wireless connection. same result - black dialogue box saying connected to... BUT no signal strength indication and Firefox doesn't connect.