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September 9th, 2010, 07:24 PM
I am using Ubuntu9.10 on Freescale iMX51 board (ARM based). This Ubuntu is ported for ARM by Canonical. Recently, I am trying to use the mplayer for audio streaming by the following command thru xterminal.

$ mplayer mms://live.hitfm.cn/fm887

The audio is getting streamed but I cannot hear any sound. Yes, my speakers are plugged into the board and they are functional. With the same mplayer I can play any mp3 format file.

I get this audio problem only on the ARM based Ubutu9.10. But, there is no issue with the mplayer for streaming audio from "mms://live.hitfm.cn/fm887" on the Ubutun9.10 running on Intel based system.

Has anyone experienced this kind of issue with mplayer? Thanks for the help in advance.