View Full Version : [ubuntu] Proxy problem

September 2nd, 2010, 06:27 AM
Hi all ,

I have a problem setting my proxy info.
We access internet through a Windows ISA proxy and our proxy user details authenticate to a Windows domain.

Help documents say that you must add the following to /etc/bash.bashrc

export http_proxy

I did this , then run source /etc/bash.bashrc to load it.
The I run a apt-get install command. The system see the proxy but I keep getting error 407 authentication required error from the proxy.

Can some one please help with the correct syntex and format that the username and password must be for Windows proxy please.

Formats I have tried :

....http://domain\username:password@proxy:port/ (http://domain/username:password@proxy:port/)
....http://domain\\username:password@proxy:port/ (http://domain//username:password@proxy:port/)
....http:// (http://L)username@domain:password@proxy:port/
....http://domain@username:password@proxy:port/ (http://domain@username:password@proxy:port/)

Can someone please help with the correct syntex please.