View Full Version : [ubuntu] rtmp redirection at gateway

August 14th, 2010, 12:01 PM
Is it possible to re direct the requests coming at gateway from internet
in following format

rtmp://site1.mydomain.com (http://site1.mydomain.com/)
rtmp://site2.mydomain.com (http://site2.mydomain.com/)
rtmp://site3.mydomain.com (http://site3.mydomain.com/)
rtmp://site4.mydomain.com (http://site4.mydomain.com/)

by squid to internal servers which are actually hosting site1.mydomain.com (http://site1.mydomain.com/)
site2.mydomain.com (http://site2.mydomain.com/) or things like this.
This is not a load balancing thing all of them are different server
with different contents.
If not by squid then is there some other way ?